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This addon, formerly known as "Classic-Wow.org" has been renamed to "ShaguPremium" in order to avoid any conflicts with the project for which it was made for. The project "Classic-Wow.org" is a small CMaNGOS based but closed source, german PvE server with lots of custom features, that calls itself blizzlike.

  • 2x Rates (up to 4x rates on events)
  • 2x Rates on professions
  • Instant teleports at flight masters
  • Teleports on boats and airship routes
  • Class skills always on maximum (Lockpicking, Poisons, ...)
  • Weaponskills always on maxium
  • Skill reset costs at max. 50 silver
  • Option to stop experience gain
  • All flight paths (teleporters) turned on by default
  • Option to create a PvP account
  • Custom battleground queue techniques
  • Tuned raid and instance bosses
  • Command to change password ingame

However, most of these features can only be used while having an active premium account (~5$/Month). As I had the impression that most of the players there have such a premium membership, I decided to write an addon for them to make it easier to switch experience rates and such. Also because I got a free premium membership for providing this addon. :P


1. Download Latest Version 2. Unpack the Zip file 3. Rename the folder "ShaguPremium-master" to "ShaguPremium" 4. Copy "ShaguPremium" into Wow-Directory\Interface\AddOns 5. Restart Wow


The custom features that can be changed with this addon are the following:

  • Select the desired experience gain (0x, 1x, 2x, Max)
  • Turn on/off the instant teleports at flight masters
  • Create PvP Account
  • Change Passwort
  • Restore per-character settings on login