A Vanilla Addon that modifies and extends the default nameplates. Initially started as a CustomNameplates fork to provide a TukUI alike appearance, but now it is an export of the pfUI nameplates which are entirely written from scratch. It includes alot of features like Elite ("+"), Rare ("R") and Rare Elite ("R+") marks, A non-blocking mouselook on right-click, aswell as classcolor tinted healthbars and integrated castbars (including Spell Icons) for all locales with detection for more than 1000 spells. The setting dialog can be accessed by typing /shaguplates or simply /sp.


Notice: This Addon or a superior and maintained version of it, is already included in pfUI. If using this in combination with pfUI you might get bad results or up to performance regressions.


1. Download Latest Version 2. Unpack the Zip file 3. Rename the folder "ShaguPlates-master" to "ShaguPlates" 4. Copy "ShaguPlates" into Wow-Directory\Interface\AddOns 5. Restart Wow


  • /shaguplates
  • /sp